3 Self-Publishing Tips

  1. Invest in yourself, but set a budget.

I spent: $75 on the cover. $125 on developmental editing.  $320 on copy-editing. $60 on beta readers. $100 on marketing. I was prepared to at least spend $500 on quality work. (I recently paid for the TheBookPromoter.com marketing service so I will give updates on how that goes in a later post!)

I look forward to making it all back with book sales!

2. Hire a developmental editor AND a copy-editor.

Do your research before your book is complete. Ask your favorite authors for referrals and keep in touch with editors months before you’ll need to book them. You’ll need to make sure their schedules are clear for you and you’ve decided on a rate that works for both of you. Visit their website and see if they can edit a short piece of your work prior to hiring.

3. Be picky with your book cover.

It’s the first thing buyers see. Have a couple of options for book covers from different artists and don’t be afraid to ask for as many modifications as you need before settling on the one. The right artist for you will be more than happy to accommodate your requests. I found my artist on the app Fiverr.

Happy Self-Publishing!

Twitter: @KeishaAnnRam


4 thoughts on “3 Self-Publishing Tips

  1. I used upwork to get a book cover and I couldn’t be happier, but I’ve had a hard time finding an affordable line editor. I was considering using KDP, but I’ve decided on going through Ingram Spark, but there is so much information out there. It’s hard to know what to do and where to go.


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