Twitter For Authors!

​From the beginning of my book promotion endeavours, I have found Books Go to be very valuable. I haven’t tried any other book promotion site mainly because I haven’t had a reason to. 

When my book first debuted almost 10 months ago, the sales came from friends and family. As the months went along, fellow Indie authors, and book reviewers started to buy and that added to a solid and steady list of reviews on Amazon. I’ve tallied up 28 reviews as of today and in my book (no pun intended), that’s freakin’ awesome! 

I want to keep up this momentum and I have after signing up and implementing tips from Books Go Social’s new course called Twitter for Authors (link below). It is full of short and sweet clips designed to be put to use right away. Since taking this course two weeks ago, my sales have doubled and my KDP pages read have sky rocketed. I know for a fact that this is a result of what I’ve been up to on Twitter because readers have contacted me directly after a tweet or DM saying they bought my book! I strongly urge you you to take AND use the tips in this course if you’re wanting to reach readers beyond your friends and family.

Tweet me: @KeishaAnnRam

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