3 Tips for Babysitting!

So you want to make money babysitting?! New year, new side hustle! I get it. 

Get Ready!

First, make sure you actually enjoy the company of kids, at least for a few hours at a time. If you don’t have any experience, get some by asking family members with kids if they need help, volunteering at your local YMCA, or ask a trusted neighbor with kids if they need help.

After you’ve decided you do like kids, get certified in CPR. Safety first! Classes are generally less than $40 and you’ll learn life saving tips.

Now, you can make a profile on Care.com. It’s FREE! Paying to get a background check on your account to let parents know you’re legit is worth it but not a deal breaker. 

Be sure to post a picture of yourself smiling to camera. A selife looks too amateur and a professional headshot isn’t necessary. Just make sure you look like yourself and be truthful about your experience and your availability. Show off your personality and interests.

Get Set!

It’s wise to submit to jobs no more than 10 miles from where you live. You’ll have to consider the safety of traveling home after hours on date night gigs.

Now, it’s time to figure out a rate that works for you. I recommend no less than $12/hr. You can add a dollar if you’re watching more than one kid.


Yay! You got your first gig!

Some parents will want to meet you face to face or have a phone chat prior to watching their kiddos. Have a family member or friend come with you to the first meeting!

After you and the parents have decided it’s a good match and a date is set to babysit,

Remember to:

1. BE ON TIME! (This screams “I am a professional.”)

2. Bring phone charger (You want the parents to be able to contact you while they’re out and in case you need to contact them or 911.)

3. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and sneakers. Also, bring a jacket and your own lunch/dinner/snacks so you don’t have to order anything.

4. Find out where they keep their First Aid kit, fire extinguisher, and emergency contact numbers. 

5. Ask about bed times, favorite books, allergies, etc.

6. Ask parents what time you should expect them back home in case you got dropped off and/or need an Uber to get home.

Time’s up!

If all goes well, the parents will be calling you again whenever they need a sitter. They will refer their friends and may even ask you to house sit or pet sit at some point. More gigs, more money!

**My background working with kids: I’ve been teaching Tae Kwon Do to children and babysitting for almost 5 years and it helps pay my rent…in Los Angeles!**

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