I had the pleasure of working with my twin sister, Kellie Ramhanie, on this one! Check her out on IG @KellieRamm.  She actually spear headed the whole thing. I just added a few words here and there 😉

“I had a great time working with Kellie and Keisha on this book!
Will ex-best friends Alexa and Cody be able to band together to save the local senior home?
SENIOR CITIZENS is a MG novella of friendship, determination, and activism!” @NMCannon

Soft-spoken high school senior, Alexa Brown, has aspirations to hold a seat on city council in Atlanta, GA, but questions the strength of her voice when she bombs majorly on her speech for class president on the same day her shallow boyfriend breaks up with her, and her guidance counselor, Ms. Marks, informs her that she may not be able to graduate due to important unread emails and a biology assignment she refused to participate in 9th grade. On top of that, she questions her worth when her foster parents become biological parents to their own baby girl.
With time running out, Alexa is desperate to get the credits she needs to graduate. Ms. Marks encourages her to volunteer at a senior home. While there, she runs into her ex best friend, trouble maker, Cody Velasquez, who recently got ordered to community service after she steals a high-end camera. From there begins the unraveling of truths about their past as they attempt to repair their friendship all while keeping their arch enemy, Beverly King and the senior home’s unscrupulous manager, Pete, at bay.
Overnight, Alexa and Cody become roommates with seniors of another generation who have a laundry list of problems of their own. Will it be #squadgoals or #WorstSituationEver? Read to find out!

We also have a twin IG @KRamdhanie 😀

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