3 Tips for Babysitting!

So you want to make money babysitting?! New year, new side hustle! I get it.  Get Ready! First, make sure you actually enjoy the company of kids, at least for a few hours at a time. If you don’t have any experience, get some by asking family members with kids if they need help, volunteering at your local YMCA, […]

Twitter For Authors!

​From the beginning of my book promotion endeavours, I have found Books Go Social.com to be very valuable. I haven’t tried any other book promotion site mainly because I haven’t had a reason to.  When my book first debuted almost 10 months ago, the sales came from friends and family. As the months went along, […]

6 month anniversary!

Hey peeps! September 29th will make 6 months since my book release! I’ve gotten 25 reviews so far. I think it’s been a mix of my relentless online promotion + literally pounding the pavement sticking fliers on car doors, libraries, and restaurants in my neighborhood and where I work + public interest in the topic of my book. It […]